The Beauty of Letterpress with Neenah & Millcraft

As they say, “what’s old is new again”.   Much excitement was created at the Detroit Millcraft Store location when they hosted a special Letterpress Event on June 4th, 2013.  With the resurgence of Letterpress printing the guests were thrilled to see so many one-of-a-kind printed samples.  The creative juices were flowing and new ideas filled the air as Ellen Shook-Neenah Papers and Diane Winters-Millcraft discussed many new products available thru Millcraft that are suitable for Letterpress. 

In addition to the great samples available, the guests were provided promotional materials that pertained to their unique market.  Thanks again to everyone who helped to make this event a great success! Check out our assortment of letterpress paper on or click here to learn more about our letterpress papers.


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