Survey Finds Designers Value Print

Written by Jill DiNicolantonio

Graphic Design USA has published the results of it's annual Print Design Survey.  This year being it's 50th time the publication has surveyed graphic designers, they focused on questions such as to what degree are designers working in print, how do you feel about print and paper and what role will print and paper have in the future of graphic communications.  The message was clear, "humans like to touch and print is the ultimate tangible medium. On that basis alone, the present of print is meaningful and the future promising."

While I don't think anyone will be shocked by the overall findings, the comments tell a more complete picture:
"In some ways, print has become more meaningful because it is more rare. A direct mail piece can actually get more traction than an HTML email because there is less clutter surrounding it. That
being said, print without value to the receiver is seen as wasteful. Care must be taken to make sure any printed piece is worth it."

"Print is still very much “in your face,” more so than its digital counterparts. With things like posters, brochures, magazines, invitations, catalogs, books and business cards, the tactile aspect of the paper and the printing techniques definitely play an important role in the overall experience of the viewer. The impact is completely different, more visceral. I dare say that the printed word still carries more weight than the digital one."

Read the complete survey and its findings on Graphic Design USA. 


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  3. Designers definitely value print, it's a very important aspect of the job.

  4. Even if we are already in the digital world, I think print is still important and it weighs so much value especially if your target customers are those who are not Internet-savvy.


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