Are You a Shifter?

Written by Jill DiNicolantonio

It has been a few months since NewPage launched their new sheet, Sterling Premium, but they aren't coming up for air just yet.  The newest promotion on this premium quality sheet with a value price, entitled "Shifters," is all about those people who question the status quo.  Aimed at those in the creative and marketing community who go against the grain and create their own path - this piece proves when we shift the way we think about coated paper, we change everything.

In case you didn't see my initial post about this grade, I LOVE this sheet. Some may think it's due to the fact our NewPage rep plied me with some of the finest quality french pot produced ice cream during our sales meeting but I can assure it is not.(Although if any other mill reps are reading this, ice cream at a sales meeting is always welcome). I've been doing this paper gig for a while now and there are very few coated papers out there that make me swoon - this is one of them.

Everything about this new promotion just feels good - from the smaller size of the piece (6.5 x 8.5, it fits perfectly in your hands) to the messaging and the companies profiled. The stark white gatefold cover prominently displays the die-cut title of the piece - with just a hint of match red (NewPage's PMS color) peeking through. Perfect bound, the pages of the book are tiered out, each featuring bold color choices denoting a new section.

Inside the piece the promotion profiles four companies that have proven to be game changers in their industries, a celebration of American craftsmanship. NewPage shares their stories with the reader not only in print but by actually taking us into the company through the use of augmented reality. NewPage engages LAYAR technology for the app, and demonstrates just how powerful the print medium can be. By uniting print + digital, NewPage clearly highlights the fact that interactive media (AR is responsible for driving almost 10% of all mobile commerce activation), is something savvy marketers and print sales reps should engage with.

The piece was designed by Froeter Design out of Chicago, they also did the collateral for the Sterling Premium launch last year.  Since it is a print promotion you see all the bells and whistles come out in the piece: dull varnish, gloss varnish, spot UV, double hits, spot soft dull edge UV (this is really cool), metallic ink in addition to 4/C process.

All I can say is WOW, NewPage has done it again.  And if the reactions from the creatives I've shown this promo to are any indication, it's sure to change everything.  To learn more about Sterling Premium and new Shifters promotions - click here.


  1. Thanks Jill for the great review! And I think you can find Graeter's in Cleveland these days. If not, I will bring some to you....Thanks for "shifting"!

    1. Michelle - we've had fun showing this piece to customers - and I managed to get my Graeter's fix with some black raspberry chip!