Augmented Reality Made Easy

While Millcraft has used QR Codes on campaigns in the past, I have to admit I am so bored with them as the end result often leaves a lot to be desired.  It seems to be like so much in our industry, its the path of least resistance that leads the way - but maybe not for long. 

Augmented Reality is becoming more mainstream. Finally.  Last year Starbucks embraced it early on with their Starbucks Cup Magic campaign, and more recently with Google's Project Glass.  Now comes along a way to make the technology readily available for any print publication with a new web app, Layar Creator.

Could this be the push that Augmented Reality needs to achieve mainstream status? Maybe. The idea is to make creating interactive content for print magazines really easy.  Easy is good. The app uses a drag-and-drop interface so that you can add interactive links, video, social media interactions, and even "buy" buttons into an AR portal that the reader will see when using their phone app. Oh and the best part - it's free.  Well, with ads - but at least you can try it out for yourself. Watch the video and imagine all the ways you can transform your print collateral.

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