Neenah Keeps Designers Organzied While Making an Impact

Written by Jill DiNicolantonio

photo via Neenah Paper Blog
Neenah just announced a very fun promotion geared around a classic organizational tool - The Folder.  Designed by Design Army, the newest promotion, Color Coded, features Neenah's flagship CLASSIC brand of papers showcasing their rich colors and textures.

The promotion is meant to inspire creatives by showcasing the papers in a fresh way, while conveying the hardworking spirit behind the brand.  If you are familiar with this family of papers, you'll know they may be classic - but are anything but boring. Andt his promotion certainly highlights that. There are six color coded folders in the piece, each one calling out different way the busy designer can utilize this classic element in a different aspect of their work.

photo via Neenah Paper Blog

The NOW folder conveys a sense of urgency, printed on Classic Crest Red Pepper. You can't help but run your hand across this one - noticing the contrast of the stipple finish of the paper and the waxy smoothness of the raised gloss UV pattern. On the inside are some handy tips for de-stressing meant to help designers overcome the anxiety of a tight dealine.  (Speaking from personal experience I can tell you the "Slow-Mo Pigeon Head Bob" really works if you've been in front of a monitor for 10 hours).

The $ folder clearly conveys the message "time is money." Printed on Classic Columns Charcoal - the subtle linear finish of the paper lends a nice contrast to the die-cut "$" symbol featuring black foil.  The interior features some helpful stats and reminders like "Bill the client," - this is one folder my freelance design customers need to keep front and center.

The Print Techniques folder pulls out a ton of bells and whistles, featuring silver metallic ink on the cover creating a pattern out of print registration and print slur icons.  Printed on Classic Laid Patriot Blue, it's a great example of how to utilize a darker color paper to make a big impact.
photo via Neenah Paper Blog

The Score folder is a great example of using a heavyweight cover to gain maximum effect.  Printed on Classic Crest 165# double thick cover, the front features an x-pattern score - giving the piece a , quilted, dimensional quality. The interior provides some scoring 101 tips, and as a bonus for all those designers who are crafters as well, a giveaway for a handy scoring tool.

The Competition folder ties in Neenah's social aspect of the promotion. Designers are invited to upload their most creative folder work to the promos facebook page. Beyond that the folder is printed on one of my favorite duplex sheets: Classic Crest Canyon Brown/Windsor Blue 120#C, the cover features a laser cut twitter icon.

The Black Hole folder is one most designers (and paper reps) can identify with. A nod to something we all experience from time to time, those projects that are way too long and drawn out. It's printed on Classic Linen Epic Black and features black foil and a deboss technique.

A couple things are clear. Number one - the folks at Neenah have been quite busy developing an amazing tool for helping creatives to stay on task with their projects. Number two - it's easier than some would have you believe to print on beautiful colored, textured papers. If you want to see for yourself, request your own copy of Color Coded - the folder promotion from Neenah.  And while you're dreaming of the next project you can print on a colored paper, checkout how much we stock of the CLASSIC brand of paper on

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