Domtar Dares You to Dream

The newest promotion piece from Domtar asks the reader to think back to childhood - when they had no limits, no barriers to their expectations.Like children who play passionately and imagine anything is possible - Domtar asks us to explore a little more when it comes to putting ink on paper.

From the moment you open the cover of DREAM - which is printed on Cougar 130# cover, four color plus varnish and clear foil - it's apparent this piece pushes the limits of printing on uncoated white paper. You'll see everything from solid, heavy black coverage with a registered silver foil, to four color process, to touch plates, to a clear foil using a double etch die for a dimensional feel (where the glitter is on her mask in the image below), to a domed embossed with a spot raised-image UV coating (so cool, feels kind of rubbery) - all printed offset with conventional inks.

I cannot possibly do it justice trying to describe it, this is one you'll want to feel for yourself.  You can request a sample from Millcraft here, or ask your favorite paper rep.  If you do, be sure to check out my personal fave: Dream No.5 - Playhouse Dreamhouse, the birch trees look three dimensional, and the smoothness of the sheet really showcases the design elements featured in the photography.

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