Royal Sundance - Real Simple

By now you've probably heard Neenah's announcement of the new Royal Sundance grade - they've combined the existing Sundance brand with the recently acquired Royal grades creating Royal Sundance.  I'm sure you're thinking (especially if you're a commercial print rep), here we go again with another text and cover paper - how many do we need?  Well trust me - this is one you'll want to make sure you know about.

So when I received the print promotion that went along with the revamped grade launch, the first thing I noticed was the updated look to the Sundance brand - and all I can say is thank you!  Yes, I know the name Sundance lends itself to thoughts of the old West and all that but I was hard pressed to get excited about talking up a promotion that focused on cowboys and horseshoes - how was this going to help me convince anyone to put their marketing message on a sheet called Coyote Red?

One look at the new promo, "Real Simple Printing," and there's no mistaking this grade means business.  What I love about the piece is that they've geared it towards three hot verticals: Hospitality, Non-Profit, and Startups.  Within each tab there are 4-5 different print samples of how Royal Sundance can be used effectively in a campaign targeted to one of these verticals.  My personal favorite is Lucky Dog Animal Rescue - a great example of a letterhead produced on 24# gray laid Royal Sundance, printed 2 color, a PMS purple and PMS blue, with a bone pattern on the reverse side of the letterhead in a monarch size - very nice. In addition to the print samples, there's some great info like a project checklist, industry stats, and suggested uses of the paper geared towards each industry - clever. You can request a copy of the promotion here.

Well all I know is that the marketing team at Neenah positioned the Royal Sundance Paper Collection perfectly with the tag line "Real Simple" because that is exactly what it is - REAL SIMPLE. They've got it covered in this grade: one collection with five finishes: felt, fiber, smooth, linen and laid; 5 common colors across all finishes (with 14 colors in the fiber finish alone!) in a wide range of basis weights (from 24# Writing to 110# Cover).  But wait there's more! The best part - pay attention designers and print reps, it is positioned as the lowest priced text and cover sheet on the market. So when the client balks at the idea of printing letterehead, envelopes, business cards and presentation folders, tell him to relax it won't break his budget.

Oh, I forgot to mention one other minor detail, we just put over 75 of these SKUs in Stock at Millcraft - making it real simple for you to find Royal Sundance.  Go ahead, see for yourself - it's available in our divisions, stores and online.

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