Newsweek's Retro Print Ads

This Sunday, I will be setting my DVR to record the season premier of AMC's Mad Men. I can't wait to see what the team at Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Pryce comes up with this season. Not only am I a sucker for the show's cad, Don Draper, I am equally smitten with the set design and art direction. I find myself wistful for an era I was hardly a part of, let alone one that I can remember.

Aparently, I'm not the only one. Newsweek is featuring a special online "retro-modern" issue celebrating the launch of the series fifth season, taking a page from its past - literally. Those in the industry are sure to appreciate the retro print ads. Readers can vote for their favorite, among those featured are ads from brands including Allstate, Lincoln, Tide, Mercedes-Benz, British Airways, Johnnie Walker, and paper company Domtar.

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