Inside A Paper Merchant - It's No Dunder Mifflin

Last week our friend Deborah Corn, from Print Media Centr stopped by our offices in Cleveland. We talked shop and gave her a tour of the facilities. If you know Deborah, you know she’s not shy. She had tons of questions for us like “Exactly what does a paper merchant do?” “Can I get samples for free?” and “How do I find a paper merchant?” And true to form, Deborah documented all of it on video.

We had a blast with her and covered some good information. Check out the post she did on her blog about her visit to Millcraft and make sure to view her coverage from our sample room as well as her commentary on the paper in our warehouse from some of our mill partners.

By the way, you can request a copy of any of the print samples featured in the video through our online sample studio.

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