The Secret to Building an Online Print Community

It's no secret that we're a fan of Deborah Corn, print blogger/speaker extraordinaire and COO of Print Media Centr - in fact she's been a guest blogger for us in the past - check out her insightful post on "Is Price Really All That Matters?"

The folks over at did a great one on one interview with Deborah, and she gives some valuable insight into how to single handedly build an online print community. And while she claims there's no secret recipe, she does say it involves dedication, effort and involvement and tries to contribute in discussions whenever possible - "create a place where relevant content can be shared and discussed with knowledgeable professionals… in an orderly fashion of course."

The thing I love about her group and website, is that she is real in views and discussions. It's about quality not quantity, and forgetting about control. Social is all about sharing. Read the full interview here. And for anyone actively involved with print, you definitely should join LinkedIn Groups like Full Circle and Print Production Professionals.


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