QR Codes - the Latest Wedding "Must Have"

An article in this Sunday's NY Times highlights what could become the latest trend for the ever growing wedding industry - QR CODES. For the couple to be, it affords all the benefits of technology and its perks for planning the big day - easily recording and organizing responses, automatically adding the big date to guests outlook calendar, keeping vendors instantly updated with the ever fluctuating rsvp list, and insuring out of town guests know exactly how to get to all the weekend's festivites with maps and driving directions. QR Codes provide every bridezilla the opportunity to dazzle friends with their tech savviness combined with modern designed aesthtic in a sleek, and customizable code.

As someone who admittedly is paper biased, I appreciate the idea of blending QR Code technology into the wedding mix. Most couples only think about the invitation itself, carefully selecting a true felt, deckle edge sheet and applying the finest of printing techniques - like engraving or letterpress - to announce the big day to all their friends and family, only to cheapen the experience by inserting a flimsy, unattractive, 3x5 piece of 20# copy paper with a map and driving directions printed on the back.

Apparently the folks at Crane & Co., the 211 year old paper maker who is synonomous with wedding invitations, is taking the trend seriously. They are offering QR Codes across all five types of printing processes for invitations this fall. Check out the complete NY Times article here. And for those of you interested seeing some of the types of Crane & Co. papers you can print your next invitation on, request a sample of your favorite sheet through our online sample studio.


  1. yuk!!!
    rather than print the ugly QR code check out documobi.com

  2. Awesome seeing this article here...cuz my wife and I are in it!
    We had the QR code on the directions card