The Many Uses for QR Codes

In one of the Linkedin Groups I'm a member of, Print Production Professionals, there's been a lively discussion on the many uses for QR Codes. While we've used them and have had great success with them, I am suprised by how many people in the industry are still unaware of them or how to use them. So I thought I'd post some of the creative ways they're being used (my favorite is the last one).

Integrated into in-store exhibits to drive user to mobile site

Target mobile users to download apps

To drive customer to youtube site

In catalogs to link to product video or product spec page

On t-shirts to drive traffic to website for a contest

On business cards and event badges to download contact info.

For non-profits to drive membership, buy tickets to an event

Higher education recruitment events - drive potential students to site for a contest

On business cards as self-promo to clients to promote pURL direct mail campaigns

For coupons

Out of home

On real-estate signs to drive prospect to realtors MLS listing

Trade shows

In supermarkets to drive customer to cooking videos

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