The Evolving Role of Direct Mail

In a recent survey conducted by Pitney Bowes, mailed communications continue to play an essential role in B2B marketing. Amidst email, sms, web, and more, mail has evolved to become the preferred method of communicating with highly valued prospects. Personalized mail is regarded by businesses as a tool with which to make the client feel valued and special.

Some key findings of the survey:

• Direct mail is still the most effective way to reach senior contacts in B2B prospect organisations according to 53% of US companies.
• Personalized mail is used by 67% of US B2B firms specifically to ‘make customers and prospects feel more special and valued.’
• 39% of US B2B businesses plan to scan
and digitize all incoming messages in the next five years.

According to survey, in the B2B arena direct mail commands some 16% of total marketing budgets, the largest single slice of the marketing pie. Check out the entire findings here.

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