Uncoated Paper Fundamentals

The impact of what's designed and the power of its message are influenced, more than you might think, by what type of paper is used, according to the folks at Finch Paper. They have put out a great new piece called the Uncoated Guide, which points out that paper is so much more than just a substrate for ink to sit upon.

Uncoated paper conveys a sense of fiscal as well as environmental responsibility - one reason it's a perfect for choice for high profile pieces like annual reports. Not to mention its non-glare surface makes reading easier on the eyes, and the bulk lends a tactile quality to the piece subtly reinforcing it substance. Not only does it help convey the message, but paper is critical to the final outcome of the printed piece - from its performance on press to meeting the budget.

Here are some things the Uncoated Guide by Finch highlights:

Uncoated Possibilities: Offset, Opaque, & Text and Cover - their attributes and end uses.

Fundamentals of Ink on Paper: Understanding dot gain, printer communication, and improving standard four-color process.

Image Adjustments: Working with curves on dark tones, medium toned, and light tones images.

You can request your copy of the Finch Uncoated Guide through Millcraft's online promotional sample request form.

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