Know the Facts - Print Pays Off

International Paper has a new promotion in it's Down to Earth series helping marketers answer the question "Is it worth printing?" Now more than ever it's important to prove the economic and environmental value of print on paper. If we want to keep print viable we need to know the facts.

• Campaigns combining direct mail and internet yield up to an additional 25% response rate

• Nearly 80% of households either read or scan advertising mail sent to their household

• Direct mails gives advertisers a whopping 13-1 return on their investment

• Nearly 80% of internet users surveyed said they were directly influenced to purchase an item or service because of direct mail

• Brand recall is substantially higher using print vs. onscreen. Onscreen information is 20-30% more difficult to read

• Small and medium businesses still rely on newspaper and magazines (43.6%) and direct mail (43.5%) to get results.

Now you know. If you'd like to receive a copy of the latest Down to Earth piece, request your copy here.

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