FSC - 15 years later where are we?

The Forest Stewardship Council, FSC, was formed back in 1994 with the intent to promote responsible forest management and to find solutions to the problems created by bad forestry practices. Today, FSC has over 100 million hectares of certified forests in over 80 countries, with the majority coming from North America and Europe. Here's a glimpse of some of the progress the organziation has made over thast 15 years:

-experienced a 50% growth rate in 2008
-Total number of FSC forest management certificates issued worldwide is over 900
-82 countries hold FSC forest management and chain of custody certificates
-It is becoming the fastest growing certification scheme in the world, with greater sources of suppliers globally and increased brand awareness

According to FSC's 2008 Market Survey, 49% of certificate holders who completed the survey said they became certified to gain a competitive edge; 46% indicated that their clients required them to become certified; 37% responded that it was the right thing to do. To read the complete report, click here

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