Print Still Drives the Bus

At the annual Print '09 conference in Chicago, a future-focused discussion entitled "What's Print Got to Do with It?" too kplace. It consistsed of a panel featuring media and marketing heavyweights such as Ogilvy & Mather Chairman Shelly Lazarus, Deutsch CEO Linda Sawyer, Wired Magazine Publisher Howard Mittman and Kodak Chairman-CEO Antonio Perez discussed the medium's future, and, for the most part, arrived at sunnier conclusions than fans of the printed word are used to hearing.

According to Mr. Mittman, print's most valuable role is as a source of increased reader engagement and as a driver of traffic to Wired's websites."Print can do what the other [media] can't," he said. "It has a level of engagement that really begins the process." Read the full article featured in Ad Age.

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