Domtar Presents PAPERbecause: 28 Collected Essays

In 2010, Domtar launched a paper advocacy campaign known as PAPER because. The campaign is based on a series of ads featuring the line "Paper because…" followed by a statement explaining how paper plays a role in our everyday lives. A few of my favorites: "sometimes a paper trail is the only way to find what you're looking for," and "opening a nice envelope is surprisingly exciting."

PAPER because sometimes a paper trail is the only way to find what you're looking for.
PAPER because good design still matters
 In the newest promotion from the PAPER because campaign, Domtar has compiled 28 essays, each one revolving around the corresponding tag line.  The piece begins with a letter from an old friend: "Hi. I'm Paper. Remember me?" The essays are on the Knowledge Center on, but they can be read in the new printed piece titled “28”– for the 28 collected essays that are displayed inside.

PAPER because it's easier to learn on paper.

Not only is the piece a fun and informative read for print fans alike, it's multi-functional serving as a great printed sample - with full-color images popping on 130 lb. Cougar® Cover Super Smooth and 80 lb. Cougar Text Super Smooth.  To request your very own copy of 28 Collected Essays, click here.

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