Neenah Relaunches Classic Flagship Brand

Do you find selecting a paper for your projects overwhelming? Well the folks at Neenah Paper are proving that it doesn’t have to be. Neenah has updated and simplified the paper selection process by refreshing all four of its CLASSIC® Papers brands, including CLASSIC CREST®, CLASSIC® Linen, CLASSIC COLUMNS® and CLASSIC® Laid Papers.

Neenah’s extensive customer focused research identified the increasing project demands falling on designers, making efficiency a top priority when choosing paper for print projects. Hence the newly updated CLASSIC brands provide a simplified platform of premium papers that are complete, consistent and compatible. The revision focuses on these key components:

• Ten common colors are now offered across all six paper finishes common to the four CLASSIC brands. These additions allow each brand to work seamlessly together to deliver countless design alternatives and combinations.
• Digital printing papers expanded across all finishes in the 10 common colors. This makes the CLASSIC Digital Papers the most expansive offering in the marketplace.
• Common green certifications across all four brands – FSC® certified, Green-e certified and made Carbon Neutral Plus. Recycled papers are made with a minimum of 30 and 100 percent post-consumer fiber, and are Green Seal™ Certified.
• Heavier cover weights featured across all 10 common colors.
• Two NEW finishes – Eggshell and Stipple – added to the popular CLASSIC CREST® brand.

Using the 10 common colors, or the” Perfect 10,” Design Army, an created new paper swatchbooks for each of the four CLASSIC brands. “We designed the swatchbooks to present the brands as a family while preserving their unique individualism, as well as to bring them to life in a new and compelling way,” said Jake Lefebure, co-founder of Design Army. “When people get the new swatchbooks and Perfect 10 book in their hands, it’s going to be really hard for them to let them go.”

To help celebrate the CLASSIC revitalization, Neenah launched the CLASSIC® Papers Treasure Contest, offering designers and printers the chance to win a classic new car. The contest runs Oct. 3, 2011 – April 30, 2012. The “Perfect 10” winners will be selected from the entries, the Grand-Prize Winner can choose from a 2012 Ford Mustang, a 2012 Volkswagen Bug or $15,000 cash, and each of the remaining nine finalists will win $500.

Kemps adds, “We’re launching the contest in conjunction with the CLASSIC revision to build excitement while demonstrating the benefits of the paper brand’s evolution. Printers and designers will be thrilled with the new CLASSIC brands’ features and the contest provides the perfect incentive with a Ford Mustang or Volkswagen Bug, also classic and evolving brands, as the top prize.”

To learn more about how to enter Neenah's CLASSIC® Papers Treasure Contest, click here.

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