Neenah Revolutionizes the Swatch Cabinet

As a former paper spec rep, I know how challenging it can be for designers to keep up to date on their swatch cabinet. You rely on your paper rep, and its not that we don't try to bring you the latest and greatest from the mills as soon as they are available - that's relatively easy. It gets a little tougher when a new swatch book is released, and maybe it's only available to the paper merchant in a limited quantity and immediately goes on back order with the mill - that's when trying to stay current becomes a job in itself. Well, all I can say is THANK YOU NEENAH!

Our friends at Neenah Paper are revolutionizing the world of paper specification with their new online tool: Cabinet. This app brings powerful paper tools right to your desktop, making paper and envelope specification more convenient and more creative. It’s not designed to replace your Neenah swatchbooks - or spec rep, it’s designed to help us work better.

Cabinet gives you intuitive ways to find papers beyond any website. You can compare, search, filter and even mark your favorites. And because Cabinet automatically updates itself over the Internet, you know you always have the right information, right at your fingertips - no more swatch books on backorder!

There are more features to this tool than I can possibly list here,(and all of them very cool), suffice it to say that if you know how to use a swatch book, you'll find Cabinet just as accessible and easy to use.

This isn't replacing your paper rep, we're still here to help you narrow your focus, mock up dummies, and get you real LIVE paper samples. Cabinet just helps us reach more of you, faster and with the most current info available - think of it as your virtual Millcraft/Neenah paper rep. Now the only question is, who's going to bring the donuts? If you'd like more info on Cabinet and how you can get it, click here.

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