Fall 2011 Color Trends - Déjà Vu?

After posting the previous blog entry to our LinkedIn Group, a question was raised regarding the colors in the logo designs trends post - specifically if they follow trends in fashion? (see Logo Trends 2011) I thought I'd go to the resource for all things color - Pantone, and see what they have to say.

It looks like everything old is new again. "From the sepia tones of old Hollywood, Chinese opera, cityscapes and countryside, designers are paying close attention to color for fall 2011 – pairing menswear with feminine twists, warm prints with cool metals, incorporating both old and new influences, and creating an inetresting balance between colors."

Pantone 2011 Fall Color Palettes:

So how does this compare with the color trends found in the 2011 Logos Trend Report? according to Logo Lounge, for the 2011 report, "color is still prevalent, but tinted down. Where black has been used as the strong neutral, now brown or gray is in place. Blues and greens are softer, and pinks are starting to appear."

For what its worth, based on the palettes for Fall - the logos are right in line with the Fall Fashion Colors, starting with the trend towards pinks, and the emergence of brown and gray neutrals (instead of black) as an anchor - "It’s as if the volume knob had been pegged on black for maximum contrast for the last two decades, and we suddenly discovered it could be turned down and consumers could still hear us. This movement is about subtleties and is indicative of a new generation. Tone ranges from sepias, to chocolates, and even warmer."

Do these trends echo for you and your clients? We'd love to hear your thoughts - post a comment below and let us know what you're seeing.

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