New Promotion - Mohawk Via: Printing and Paper

In an increasingly digital world, touch is a very important part of the communication experience. We may spend time online, but we treasure that special book or poster. What something feels like is as important as the content. Mohawk Via's seven finishes provide the ability to control this experience. This variety provides the tools to match the right finish and shade to the right image. Mohawk Via works as an everyday paper, engineered to enhance the best of photography and fine art.

Using paper with a more tactile finish will upgrade the perceived value of your piece. Using the right finish for your images enhances the reproduction. For instance, flesh tones reproduce more naturally on a smooth or lightly textured sheet like vellum whereas intricate images and large type can be beautiful on a linen finish. Don't take our word for it - see for yourself with the promotion from Mohawk: Mohawk Via Printing and Paper.

Throughout the piece you'll see first hand the flexibility Mohawk Via affords, with multiple shades and finishes all in one brand. No need to mix and match brands to achieve that desired affect, Mohawk Via maintains the design integrity and delivers a cohesive experience. In addition the piece offers great tips such as process suggestions, tips on varnish and coatings, touchplates, screen techniques, and curves to achieve the desired affect. Click here to request your copy of Mohawk Via Printing and Paper.

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