Want Your Own Personal Proof?

Neenah Paper recently revamped their website, and it's chock full of great tools for designers, production managers, and printers. One of the coolest features is the Personal Proof.

The Personal Proof allows you to upload your artwork and have it printed on one of 396 sheets from Neenah. This tool lets you experience different sheets with your idea and artwork, not just a blank swatchbook. The Personal Proof gives you the flexibility to explore multiple directions and try new paper textures, finishes and weights that you may not have worked with before. Every proof is produced on a state-of-the-art HP Indigo on the exact same Neenah Paper that your job will be printed on - making it easier for clients to understand the concept.

According to Neenah's site,everything about the Personal Proof is personal. You can place your art exactly where you want it, resize it and change the orientation to vertical or horizontal. But hurry, it's free for a limited time. To check out the personal proof go to www.neenahpaper.com

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