International Paper Launches Environmental Website

Last week International Paper launched its brand new environmental website, The site notes that environmental issues in the paper and printing industries are very complex, easily misunderstood and, consequently, often misrepresented. Many myths and misconceptions have altered some public perceptions and led to campaigns for a paperless society. In response to these perceptions, and in an effort to present a more balanced and fact-driven picture of our industry, International Paper launched a series of educational brochures on environmental topics called Down to Earth™.

Down to Earth covers topical issues in a thought-provoking manner that helps to dispel some of these myths and misconceptions. By educating those inside our industries, customers and end users can better understand these complex environmental issues and the steps that the forest products and printing industries are taking to become more sustainable and make positive contributions to our world.

To request your copy of the latest Down to Earth piece:Is It Worth Printing, click here.

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  1. Another great website that has recently launched is

    This is a pro-print site that links the use of print with keeping forests growing and healthy. You can meet a tree farmer and read very interesting forest facts.