Even Twitter Sees the Value of Print

There's no denying social media's role in the marketing mix, however even social media darlings like Twitter have come to realize print plays an integral role in a company's overall marketing strategy. At this year's SXSW conference in Austin, Twitter employees handed out business cards for the first time ever at the event. Interesting to note, they opted not to go with the mainstream white smooth cover, but rather chose to subtly reinforce their environmental commitment with a kraft-like fiber added shade (if I had to guess I'd say Environment Desert Storm or Speckletone Oatmeal). Even though "bumping's" convenience can't be denied - there's nothing like the feel of a sturdy, well designed and produced business card to connote your brand's image to the recipient when exchanging contact information.

"This antiquated thing called 'business cards' is a helpful way for some of us to bridge our online and offline worlds with potential employees, partners and the thousands of developers who make Twitter applications," said company spokesman Sean Garrett, noted by CNN's SciTech's blog. They muse could paper be the new mode of social networking? I'd argue it was the original mode of social networking. In case you're wondering, yes we have a twitter page as well.

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