Neenah Paper Launches Virtual Swatch Books

If you're like many of our customers, just when you need a particular swatch book it goes missing. Now Neenah has made it even easier to find just what you're looking for, even if your AE walked off with your only copy of the Classic Crest swatch book.

In a continuing effort to provide product information whenever and wherever needed, Neenah Paper now offers its most popular swatchbooks in a virtual format on its Web site. The electronic swatchbooks are a great new tool for printers, estimators, and anyone who specifies premium paper.

Because paper is such a tactile product, it might seem that the word “virtual” doesn’t make sense when referring to paper. But sometimes, no matter how many swatchbook copies are kept in the shop or office, they aren’t always where they’re needed. In addition, a virtual swatchbook can be just the ticket when on the move or calling on clients, providing quick access to useful information such as paper color selections, environmental properties, paper characteristics, and stocking charts. Currently available are some of Neenah’s top-selling brands such as CLASSIC CREST®, CLASSIC® Linen, CLASSIC COLUMNS®, ENVIRONMENT®, and OXFORD® Papers, with more to be added.

“A virtual swatchbook is a perfect example of how to best use technology to direct customers to the right paper color, surface and weight,” says Tom Wright, director of design for Neenah Paper. “Today, using web-based tools—like our Think Ink and eco calculator iPhone apps, BlackBerry downloads, and now the iPaper swatchbooks—is part of helping customers make the right paper selections, so when they print, they can do it well.”

To browse Neenah’s online library, visit,.


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