It's All About Balance

Creating sustainable communications means looking at every step of the process, from the raw materials involved (and how they are processed) to what happens after the project reaches its audience. And the deeper you dig, the more complex the choices are. Like anything in life, there are always tradeoffs. Even e-communications have a significant environmental impact, with the energy required to power the internet, manufacture computer equipment and the issues around disposal of obsolete technology. It can be challenging trying to figure out "the right thing to do."

The bottom line is that we can take more responsibility for ensuring that our projects are as sustainable as possible.

In the latest issue of Ed, an educational series from NewPage, you get a big-picture view of sustainability in communications. Ed looks at the footprints of both print and electronic communications—their environmental costs and advantages—and ways to make the best use of both. All so you can make a bigger impact on your audience while reducing your impact on the environment. Request your copy of Ed #13: Balance at our online sample studio.

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