French Paper & Charles Anderson Design - A 20 Year Retrospective

This designer/client relationship is one of the most unique and long-standing in graphic design history. Charles S. Anderson Design Company est.1989, and French Paper Company est. 1871, have worked together to create one of the best-known paper brands in the country. French has distilled over 20 years of remarkable promotions into a 3 1/2 minute movie.

The posters shown above are from their recent promotion created by Anderson Design and introduced at recent 2009 HOW Design Conference. They will appear in the November Design Issue of Communication Arts magazine as part of their 50th Annual Design Competition. You can request the bound compilation of the set from our online sample studio.


  1. I'd actually like to know where I can obtain copies of those posters. I hope you can help me. Thanks.

  2. Well Christian, you may want to become a fan of ours on FB - we'll be announcing a Millcraft Meetup next month with the aforementioned paper mill and rumor has it the posters will be making an appearance.