Neenah Print Promotion: Northface Catalog

A couple of years ago Neenah Paper did a commercial buy-in and national release of the North Face catalog. This was the catalog that North Face sends to buyers of department stores and outdoor retail chains to show off their various camping and outdoor equipment. Neenah has done it again. This year’s buy-in features a CLASSIC® Linen Avalanche White cover with CLASSIC CREST® Avalanche White text pages. The print job is beautiful – no shock there as it was done on the Classics. The photography is stellar. Check out the image on pages 16 & 17 of a camp site at night. Great use of four color process that shows how well Neenah papers print. And if any of you are planning on scaling Mt. Everest, North Face has sleeping bags that are rated for -40 degrees Fahrenheit. These promos are available in limited quantities, to request a copy contact your friendly Millcraft Paper rep.

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