Paperless2013 - Greenwashing by a Digital Giant?

Written by Jill DiNicolantonio

It's 2013, and it looks like the year is off to a combative start.  Google launched its new Catalogs App and along with it mounted what industry advocacy groups are calling a greenwashing campaign against the paper industry. For those of us on the paper side of the industry, we've been living with the FACTS about paper for a while, unfortunately it only takes one company with deep pockets to taint a decade's worth of advocacy.

Obviously, as a paper person I vehemently disagree with what Google's Paperless2013 campaign stands for, in fact back in '09 we launched an advocacy campaign to help dispel the myths about and it's impact on the environment.  I am not going to go on and on about paper's sustainability - you can find out more about that here. Instead I am going to ask you to be informed about the industry's efforts to counter the attack - check out what Two Sides is saying about it, check out how you can get involved with Print Media Centr's Say No to Paperless2013 campaign, and check out more about what is behind Google's campaign on Dead Tree Edition blog.

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