Finch Spot Color Guide Hits the Mark

Finch shows you the uncoated techniques for hitting the spot color target every time. Printing smooth spot colors on uncoated paper highlights the unique characteristics it offers.  The natural peaks and valleys of the paper’s surface is what makes it a powerful choice.  It also means that uncoated papers are inherently different than their coated counterparts.  This guide will help you adjust your aim to hit the uncoated mark.

Gain valuable tips  and insights when it comes to printing problematic colors, like Reflex Blue or Transparent White (hint try substituting Opaque White – this greatly reduces the chance of mottling). Learn how to prevent Backtrap Mottle and Multiple Pass Mottle,  get advice on best types of varnishes to use on uncoated papers and much more.  Request your copy of the Finch Spot Color Guide today.

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