New Mohawk Promotion Offers Similarities Between Golf and Print

Have you ever thought of golf as being a lot like printing? Well the folks at Mohawk think there's a lot of similarities and just released a new print promotion entitled "A Simple Game - a Visual Guide to Running on Inxwell" to illustrate it.

Printed by UniqueActive Graphics, this clear, concise tool was designed by VSA Partners, Chicago, to introduce the benefits of Inxwell to a new generation of designers and printers while showcasing how beautifully Mohawk Navajo and Mohawk Options print.

Throughout the piece you'll see how the patented Inxwell technology allows the sheet to hold more ink on its surface, giving you sharper and brighter results. The process touts its advantages for printers as well, noting the sheet allows for getting up to color faster- wasting less time and paper in make-ready.

Featuring fun little quips from the game like a tip from Ben Hogan, to real world tips for great press performance - like how produce clean and sharp print results by tweaking ink densities and opening up curves. Request your copy of A Simple Game -a Visual Guide to Running on Inxwell, by visiting Millcraft's online sample studio.

Featured on two of Mohawk's flagship grades: Navajo and Options, Inxwell combines "incredible ink fidelity with the lush tactile feel of premium uncoated paper." The best part, Millcraft stocks both of these grades. With Options available in digital sizes for smaller runs and Navajo on our floor in folio sizes - we give you plenty of Inxwell choices. To place an order or view our availability, open an account at mymillcraft.

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