Neenah Promotion From the Heart of the Southwest

For all those fans of print and beautiful text and cover papers, this one's for you. Neenah Paper has a brand new print promotion titled "SUNDANCE Papers, From the Heart of the American Southwest." This beautiful promotion offers a look at the unique region that is the inspiration behind SUNDANCE Papers.

Neenah utilized Farmhouse Design studio in Atlanta to create the piece. According to Neenah's blog, Farmhouse's strategy was "to play up the brand’s Southwestern ties through its name, while promoting four cornerstones of the Sundance value statement. In this promotion, designer Ellie McKenzie and writer Robin Salter take us to the Four Corners Monument in the heart of the American Southwest. The precise geological point where New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Colorado intersect. Here, they unfold the Sundance story: performance, color, texture and versatility."

Like the American Southwest, SUNDANCE Papers are characteristically unique. Hard working, versatile, and beautiful, it's easy to see the similarity to such a diverse region.

"We wanted to tell the story of American Southwest through a mix of printing, foil stamping and embossing, photography and illustration. Farmhouse Design Studio really explored aspects of SUNDANCE Papers that are shared with this unique region," explains Kristin Carpenter, design manager at Neenah Paper.

Check out Millcraft's list of stocked text and cover papers, including Sundance here.

Want to get your very own copy of this promotion? Post a pic of your work featuring one of Neenah's papers on our facebook page along with a brief description - and we'll send you a copy while supplies last.

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