Variable Data Printing and Political Campaigns

International Paper has been on the forefront of arming sales reps with great tools from their GetGrowKeep campaign. Not only are the pieces cleverly designed but it's a great tool to help promote print. Want to know which industry represents $9.9 billion dollars of all print buying in the US or which vertical markets have access to the most customer data? It's all on

The latest arsenal in the GetGrowKeep tool kit is called Vote Print - the ideal running mate for any campaign. It highlights how more effective marketing communications can serve political organizations. The piece demonstrates how variable data printing can utilize the info in a database to drive personalized messages to individual recipients allowing the most precise targeting possible. It also breaks down the myth that you don't need a ton of data to get meaningful results. By adapting techniques such as pURLs and surveys, you can rapidly grow the data you have, allowing you to build a campaign with greater messaging and support over time.

You can request the Vote Print kit through our online sample studio, just fill in Vote Print in the print promotions line.

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