Do You Know The Facts?

As many companies and advertisers are looking to invest their marketing dollars in cost effective and alternative media channels, its important to remember that print is a proven means of marketing communication, generating powerful ROI. Not only is print's success proven, it is also one of the most environmentally friendly mediums available to marketers.

The Millcraft Group partnered with International Paper to produce "Do You Know The Facts?" - a short, engaging animated video. "Do You Know The Facts?" is an integrated marketing campaign designed to raise awareness about the environmental and business benefits of print as a marketing and communication channel. The campaign utilizes multi-media to communicate its message, with the launch of a video and website today, followed by a series of direct mail pieces and print ads.

The video, co-sponsored with International Paper, aims to dispel the myths and change the perception that print on paper is harmful to the environment and an ineffective means of marketing communication. The intent is that once media buyers and consumers know the facts, print will remain a top choice for achieving reliable, cost effective and sustainable marketing solutions.

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