New Mohawk Loop Promotion is A Living Almanac for Responsible Design

“Finish what you start,” states the bold introduction to A Living Almanac, Mohawk’s newest promotion for the just-launched Mohawk Loop. The almanac is not your typical paper promotion. Yes it showcases examples of beautifully printed images with a multitude of printing techniques on a variety of Mohawk Loop papers, but this promotion is more. The almanac is a daily reference guide for responsible design…for every project, every day.

“Beautiful papers with bright ideals” is the concept behind the new Mohawk Loop line. The name of the new line, which the almanac explains, explores the idea that loops are everywhere in nature, from elemental cycles of the sun, moon and water to the age-old chicken or egg question. Loops guide our seasons, days, lives and planet, and inspire actions like renewing, recycling and reusing. And that is why Mohawk has added its own Loop to support the process of preserving and extending our common resources.

Like the Farmers’ Almanac, which was the inspiration behind A Living Almanac, each day offers an insightful piece of information in consideration of the world around us. French-folded, at-a-glance, tip-in calendars highlight dates of environmental importance, such as Arbor Day, Earth Day and the International Day of Climate Action. With tips on making sustainable design choices, pop-out sustainability glossary cards, pull out reminder cards and more, the almanac engages its reader encouraging participation. Also included in the almanac is a pull out of AIGA’s The Living Principles which Mohawk supports.

A Living Almanac, designed by Tomorrow Partners, San Francisco, CA, presents Mohawk Loop — the world’s most comprehensive line of recycled and environmentally preferable papers — while conveying Mohawk’s longstanding commitment to sustainability. The almanac showcases the work of 13 different artists on 11 Mohawk Loop papers, including the new 50% pcw coated Mohawk Silk. The cover is printed on Mohawk Loop Inxwell, a 100% pcw sheet with high-performance capability.

For more information about Mohawk Loop, please contact your Millcraft Paper Rep.

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