The Living Principles for Design

Created by the AIGA Center for Sustainable Design, the Living Principles for Design were born out of the design profession's need for an aspirational and actionable framework that provides designers and their clients with a common understanding of the core facets of sustainability and enables them to take action. Its ongoing development is dependent on the contributions of the design community at large. Conceived and developed over the summer of 2009, the Living Principles were officially unveiled at the Make/Think AIGA Design Conference in Memphis on October 9, 2009.

The principles extract the collective wisdom found in decades of sustainability theories and bringing them to life in the first quadruple bottom-line framework:

  • Environmental Protection
  • Social Equity
  • Economic Health
  • Cultural Vitality

The AIGA Center for Sustainable Design (CFSD) and AIGA will submit The Living Principles for global adoption at the Icograda General Assembly 23 during Xin: Icograda World Design Congress in Beijing later this month.

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