Survey: Print Publishers Ready to Capitalize on Mobile Market

The digital advertising and publishing market is poised for growth, supported by new mobile devices and advances in applications and technology. A new survey from the Audit Bureau of Circulations reveals that print publishers are focusing on the market as a prime opportunity to expand their brands, reach new audiences and generate additional revenue while offering advertisers the chance to reach locally targeted, engaged audiences.

“The results of ABC’s survey demonstrate that publishers recognize the growing importance of mobile devices in consumers’ daily lives and are actively embracing mobile as a new way to extend their brands,” said Michael Lavery, ABC president and managing director. “We continue to hear from newspapers and magazines as they integrate mobile into their digital publishing plans. And interest in ABC’s multimedia reporting options is very high, with mobile poised to be one of the next distribution channels included on those reports.”

Survey Highlights
-More than 80 percent of newspaper and magazine respondents believe people will rely more heavily on mobile devices as a primary information source in the next three years.

-Nearly 70 percent of respondents agree that mobile is receiving more attention at their publication this year than last. More than a third believe their publication already has a well-developed plan for attacking and conquering the mobile market.

-Forty-four percent of respondents who track mobile’s impact on their Web site traffic said the devices increased visits by up to 10 percent today. Half believe mobile traffic to their Web sites will increase by five to 25 percent in the next two years.

-Among senior executive respondents, 56 percent said their publication has plans to develop a smartphone application in the next 24 months, in addition to the 17 percent of respondents who already have an app in production.

-Regardless of mobile’s anticipated rise, ABC publisher members do not plan to abandon their print publications in favor of a digital-only product in the near term. While 55 percent believe that digital delivery of their publication is important to their strategic future, three-fourths believe that their publication will be available in a print form five years from now.

-More than half of the survey respondents believe that the future business model of mobile content will be supported by both advertising and subscriptions.

-Nearly a third believe that mobile will have a significant impact on their publication’s revenue in just three years.

To read about the survey's entire findings, click here.

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