Print Industries of America - Magazine Debut

The world's largest printing industry association, Printing Industries of America, debuted it's new magazine Tuesday, "Printing Industries of America: The Magazine", with format and content determined by hundreds of Printing Industries of America's members responding to a survey. The Magazine's publisher is Mary Garnett, Executive Vice President at Printing Industries; and Managing Editor is Dee Gentile, whose senior editorial positions at the organization have included Managing Editor of GATFWorld and Management Portfolio.

The Magazine draws from the most popular sections of GATFWorld and Management Portfolio magazines with emphasis on Technology and related, application-oriented Solutions content, as these were members' most requested topics.

The What's Hot! and Etcetera sections give Printing Industries of America the option to provide timely coverage on current events and information.

Michael Makin, President & CEO of Printing Industries of America, says, "The Magazine draws from the best of GATFWorld, which provided reliable, unbiased, expert coverage of today's technology; and Management Portfolio, which delivered insightful and thought-provoking articles to assist printing companies in managing for growth and profitability."

The Magazine includes the following key sections: Technology, Solutions, What's Hot!, Resources, and Etcetera. In addition, the magazine will continue to provide substantive and pertinent information from the Government Affairs Department, along with economic insights and essential environmental updates.

Technology. Covers technology in use, new technologies, and technology updates.

Solutions. Now that you know about technology, how do you implement it? This section provides the how-to, practical information for plant operations, business management, sales and marketing, finance, managing people, and more.

What's Hot! Covers truly hot, new information and new challenges facing organizations and the industry. It also covers current trends and issues that could impact members' businesses.

Resources. Covers the best resources for members. These include upcoming conferences, workshops, webinars or seminars; as well as new books or reports on technology or business management.
The premier issue of The Magazine focuses on offset technologies, looking at new technologies and detailing potential solutions. Technology concentrates on automation and benchmarking. Solutions offers insights on business development and managing facility assets and customers. What's Hot! focuses on vision technology and the new Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008.

"Printing Industries of America continues to strive to provide information on leading-edge technologies and critical information on how to improve our members' profitability," says Makin. "We believe it is our responsibility to champion the use of print and provide our members with the knowledge they need to survive and thrive in today's competitive environment."


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