Neenah Paper: Chip Chart

Neenah Paper makes it easy to compare paper colors with its newly updated online Color Comparison Chart. All of Neenah’s premium brands are represented, and one has only to click on a color to place it in the comparison grid. It’s a convenient way to see how different papers work together.

“This is basically an online version of our popular chip charts,” says Tom Wright, Director of Design at Neenah Paper. “You can compare different colors within a brand or between brands and order samples of your selections, making this chart an invaluable tool for anyone putting design projects together. You get everything you need all in one place, so it’s great for a quick, at-a-glance reference.”

When a color is chosen, it is displayed in a larger window, along with brand and color name, and placed in the grid. The user can compare up to nine colors in the grid, and order samples directly from this page. There are individual color charts for each brand that provide additional information such as environmental certifications and attributes as well as available weights and finishes.

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